Cloud Services

google apps

  With Google Services you can have all your work on the go in multiple devices, and further more you can collaborate with other employees in projects or work that needs to be follow up at all times. We can provide other services that don't require all the synchronization some would need, in a case like that we can provide Email service with your standard POP3 or IMAP connection. You can choose which ever system fits your business needs.

Offsite Backups

Local Backups

   One of the most critical services in today's world is backups and you need local backups for fast and almost immediate restoration, but at the same time you need to have offsite for those time were theft, massive hardware failure or a fire is the issue. In cases like that online backups are the best guarantee that even in the worst case scenario your company's critical data is never lost. At Millan Technologies we are firm believers in secondary backups specially offsite in order to protect data that has an immeasurable value, because some data no matter how much money you have if the data is lost there is no money in the world that can replace it. Because of this we take critical data backups extremely serious and we will make sure your company data is always safe and in good hands at all times.

offsite backup4
offsite backup2