IT Services


We have all the services that small business networks needs and more. Here at Millan Technologies we can configure any great features a computer has for your business, and you will find at least one of them is going to help you make your life better, easier and more productive. That's our goal, to provide knowledge and training to every client that we have so they can be more productive with the technology we have today.


Business Networks Services

● Network setup and connectivity between            Servers, computers and devices
● Domain architecture and configuration
● Encrypted remote connection
● Encrypted VPN
● Wireless network for businesses
● Terminal Server
● Domain controller security
● Router installation & configuration
● Firewalls
● Computer repairs, upgrades and sales
● DNS, DHCP, IIS, WINS, AD, DFS & many more

Overload Server

Contending with routine IT demands leaves little time for innovation. It leaves little opportunity to take advantage of new trends fundamentally changing the way IT is consumed and delivered. That's where we come in, to alleviate the stress of all that work so you can focus on your company for more growth and profitability. Whether it be optimizing your existing IT environment or embarking on a transformation, you’ll need a well-defined plan, not only to frame the technology but to develop a rollout that won’t interrupt operations. Here are some of the services that we provide.


Cabling - Voice & Data

Millan Technologies specializes in installing structured cabling. Depending on your requirement. We will work with you to successfully install a complete, easy-to-manage cable infrastructure. To accomplish this, all cabling must be run in a neat and orderly manner. This will ensure easy-to-maintain cabling for future diagnostics, strictly following TIA/568 standards.

Cabling types

• Category 5e & 6 Data Cabling

• Category 3 Voice Cabling

• Coaxial Cabling